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Pin Traders Has Reopened!

Pin collectors rejoice!  Disney reopened Pin Traders this week, so we'll be able to purchase a much larger selection of Disney pins than we were when World of Disney was the only store with pins.

Limited Edition Merchandise:

Unfortunately, they will not be carrying Limited Edition pins for now.  They've covered the Limited Edition case with a sticker showing COVID-19 safety tips.

Disney recently posted this information regarding Limited Edition items on their website:

We're not sure how long it will be before they start releasing Limited Edition items at the parks and Disney Springs again.

What's Available at Pin Traders:

We took photos of what is currently available at Pin Traders and will be adding those pins to the Requests section of our store.  If you see something in the photos that you'd like to get and we don't have a product listing for it yet, just email us and let us know.


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