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Hi everyone!  We are happy to announce that we are back and ready to shop (albeit in a limited capacity)!

Yesterday Disney finally opened some of their owned and operated stores at Disney Springs, but the turnout was insane!  Disney was using a virtual waiting system to let people into World of Disney and the wait was several hours to get to the person that took your information and then several more hours wait to be notified that you could get into the store.

Unfortunately for us, they had already reached capacity for the entire Disney Springs complex before we even got there.  Our trip to Disney Springs consisted of driving into the parking garage and back out.

Today however was much better :)  We were actually allowed in the parking garage and we walked right into World of Disney with no wait at all.

Limited Edition Items Update:

There are no Limited Edition items available at World of Disney and Pin Traders hasn't been reopened yet, so we still can't purchase Limited Edition pins. 

Open Edition Pins:

World of Disney does have a small selection of Open Edition pins, so we can purchase those.  If there's an Open Edition pin that you need for your collection, just send us an email and let us know and we'll look for it for you.

Open Edition New Releases:

There were a few new Open Edition pins that were just released yesterday:

Baby Tigger Pin $10.99:

Baby Tigger Disney Pin


Hercules and Pegasus Pin $10.99:


Tinker Bell Garden Pin $10.99:


Cheshire Cat Don't Step on the Mome Raths Pin: $10.99:


Mike and Sulley Monsters University Pin Set $16.99:


Monsters University Booster Pin Set $28.99:


If the product page says it's sold out when you check it out, just put your email address in the Back In Stock Notification section and our website will automatically email you as soon as we purchase more.

Summertime Fun Collection:

The Summertime Fun Collection is now available at World of Disney.  We'll be adding those products to the requests section of our store shortly.  This page will be updated with links to those product pages.

 Marketplace Co-Op:

The other Disney owned store that has reopened is the Marketplace Co-Op.  This store has the Disney Pets collection, some kitchenware items, Dress Shop merchandise and the WonderGround Collection.

Other Disney Stores at Disney Springs:

As of right now (5/28/20) there are no other Disney stores open and there haven't been any updates as to when the rest of the stores would open.  These stores include Pin Traders, Art of Disney, Disney's Days of Christmas and Goofy's Candy Co.

More Updates Incoming

We'll be heading back to Disney Springs to take photos of what's available and posting those photos in blog posts here on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you see an item on another blog or Facebook, etc. that you'd like, just email us and let us know.  We'll find out the price and get it purchased for you.

It's been a very long 2+ months and we were very happy to be back in a Disney store today!  It's not the same as being in the parks, but it was still great.

We're looking forward to getting back to work shopping for and sending out Disney magic to all of our wonderful customers!


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