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Splash Mountain Merchandise Requests Update


Update to the update: Due to incredibly overwhelming demand, we are no longer taking requests for Splash Mountain merchandise.  We need to get into the Magic Kingdom and see what's available and help the people that have already sent in a request before we're able to resume taking new requests.

We have been receiving a large amount of requests for Splash Mountain merchandise since Disney announced that they were changing the theme to The Princess and the Frog.

Aside from a few Open Edition pins (that we haven't been able to find in stock) there are no Splash Mountain items for sale at Disney Springs.  The majority of the Splash Mountain merchandise is sold at the store near the ride.

With the new park reservation system, we will not be able to visit any of the theme parks as we please like we used to do.  We have to have a park reservation or we won't be allowed in.  Disney is only allowing you to visit one park per day as well.

The first park reservation that we were able to get for Magic Kingdom is on July 17th.  Honestly, unless Disney restocks, we're not expecting there to be much (if any) Splash Mountain merchandise left in stock.  However, we will be going to check.

Disney did a Cast Member preview on July 7th and most of the merchandise was quickly purchased.  You can read about that on the WDWNT.com Blog here:


If we are able to find anything on the 17th when we visit, we'll email the people with requests first and anything else that we might be able to get will be listed on our website.

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